When you go searching for any online service, you’ll often find templates and methods. For example:

The trouble is if these templates and methods are any good, they’ll be really popular. Which means they’ll be in use all over the place.

Chances are, your audience will have seen them already, and their effectiveness will have worn off. Novelty grabs people’s attention, but repetition fades into the background.

Not only that, if you’re using a one-size-fits-all approach like this, how can it make you stand out any more than the next person using the same strategies and tactics?

We believe it just can’t - that’s why we’ve turned this approach on its head.

One Size Fits YOU

Our services and training are delivered bespoke. That means a 1-2-3 process - we’ll:

If we can, we’ll create a package just for you.

This can cover content creation for all your online platforms, top-notch web design, and specialist training to get you up to speed with a range of skills and software tools.

But before we get into the details, it’s important to share the following with you:

Theory Alone Doesn’t Go Far Enough

Because we’ve thrived in a competitive and harsh business environment for 27 years, we bring real-life practical experience into all that we do because we know teaching theory alone won’t cut it.

What you get from us has to work in the real world when you implement it - and we know it does because we have a 95% customer satisfaction rate.

This includes positive feedback from clients like the DWP and DHL.

DWP, Lone Parent Program - The help and support made life so much easier and gave us confidence to go a bit further.

DHL - They have done so much more than they were contracted for.

If we can meet their needs, we’re confident we can meet yours. Here’s what we can do for you in more detail:

Captivating Content Using Your Unique Brand Voice

The Internet moves incredibly fast, and the only way to stay ahead of the crowd is to publish content every day. But it can’t be done off-the-cuff when you get a spare minute because everyone knows a rush job when they see one. Instead, your content needs to;

Hitting these 3 goals in every piece of content means more time and more effort when you already have a limited amount of both. That’s why it helps to have it all taken off your plate. That’s what we do. Our team knows exactly what to write, where to write it, and when to publish it.

We do this for social media and for websites, using well-written blogs and social media posts that keep your online presence up-to-date, appealing, and persuasive.

Over time this will improve your popularity on social media and make your website appear higher in Google’s search results.

We also ensure all content is:

  • 💡 Original
  • 💡 Free of errors
  • 💡 Engaging for readers
  • 💡 Crafted using the latest SEO techniques

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An Effective Website That Converts Readers Into Buyers

When you build a website, there are a lot of cogs in the machine. Even if you use a software package and don’t type a word of code, there are still lots of buttons, sliders, and settings. If you’re not sure what goes where your website won’t be effective.

That means people who visit it won’t stick around to read your content and won’t buy anything you’re offering either. So it quite literally pays to have a simple but professional website that takes readers on a journey to buy from you.

We’ll create a website for you that does this, with crucial elements like:

  • 🔑 A visible and appealing Call-To-Action - often a carefully placed button.
  • 🔑 Text that tells the reader what you sell, why you sell it, and why it’s right for them
  • 🔑 Images that mirror your branding and reinforce it without getting in the way
  • 🔑 Testimonials and statistics presented in a way that grabs and holds reader attention

But that’s not all…

Our web design service includes the use of cutting-edge SEO techniques in your content to ensure your site ranks well on search engines. This means relevant keywords, original content and high-quality links.

We’ll also deal with the back-end side of web design, like getting your domain name and uploading all the content and media to your site.

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Tailored Training To Get Results Where You Most Need Them

We offer carefully designed training to help you get maximum results in minimum time. All our Accredited and General courses are delivered in a convenient format that blends online and in-person tuition, and you can complete most of them in just a few days.

Our unique blended approach also features consulting, coaching, and mentoring that’s specific to you - that’s what gives our training the personal touch and ensures we can meet your needs directly.

This includes a Training Needs Analysis before you begin any of our courses so that you can have peace of mind a course will get you where you want to be. We can even customise our training to suit your internal company systems.

Plus, once you’ve completed your training with us, we’ll keep in touch by offering in-depth post-course support, including:

  • Coaching at work
  • Action plans
  • Telephone support
  • Email support

Our Specialised Training

Our Accredited courses have been certified according to the Regulated Qualifications Framework, meaning you can rely on them when you need to. They include:

  • ▶ Training Delivery
  • ▶ Workplace Management
  • ▶ Education & Training
  • ▶ Management

Our General courses cover a range of essential skills for business and life. They include:

  • ▶ Health & Wellbeing
  • ▶ Leadership
  • ▶ Management
  • ▶ Presentation Skills
  • ▶ Communication Skills

Finally, for getting the most out of Microsoft Office, we offer training courses covering all the major applications, like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

For these courses, we have several tiers depending on the level you’re at and where you need to get to. We’ve also launched a Microsoft Teams course for anyone who regularly hosts or attends virtual meetings.

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